Author Topic: UPDATE 10/27/15 - Eye Advanced Version 1.0.2 Released  (Read 1430 times)


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UPDATE 10/27/15 - Eye Advanced Version 1.0.2 Released
« on: October 27, 2015, 04:55:55 PM »
Hello All,

I'm happy to announce that Eye Advanced version 1.0.2 is now ready for download...

Download Here:

The main focus of this update has been bringing Eye Advanced to Unity 5.  This means that Eye Advanced now has new Unity 5 specific shaders by default (The old Unity 4 shaders are still included).  This allows integration with Unity 5's lighting system and automatic acceptance of reflection probe data as well.

There have been a few other small tweaks to the shaders and textures, as well as the inclusion of a new "Cats Eye" texture (both iris color texture and mask texture).  I'm also including a new component that handles auto pupil dilation.  This was previously shown as an example in the demo scene, but now it's been made a part of the eye prefab object (for LOD0 only).

Version 1.0.2 has also been submitted to the Asset Store and should be available there soon.

As always, let me know if you have problems/questions/feedback etc, either by email or on the forums!

All the best,
Justin Kellis
Tanuki Digital

RELEASE NOTES - Version 1.0.2
- NEW - Eye Advanced shaders now U5 compatible, with reflection probe and U5 lighting support.
- NEW - Eye Advanced now uses Unity 5 specific shaders by default.
- NEW - Added Smoothness/specular shader variables.
- NEW - Added Auto Pupil Dilation component for the LOD0 prefab.
- NEW - Added cats eye example textures (iris color texture and mask texture).
- CHANGE - pupil texture of alpha channel now used as mask for emission color (glow).
- CHANGE - Removed cubemap textures from shader list.  Use Unity 5 reflection probes instead.
- CHANGE - Adjusted parallax mask strength
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