Author Topic: Hello Does Tenkoku latest version work if I bake And use High Defiinition RP?  (Read 8 times)


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Hello. I recently getting back to making games with Unity. I want to use my great Tenkoku Dynamic skies. I haven't tried it yet, but i recently updated to Unity 2020.3.5 and also I recently updated my DAZ Characters to Genesis 8. I used to use V4 and M4 before long time ago.   And to import Genesis 3 or 8 into Unity the easy way there is a free product DAZ offers which is called Unity Bridge. In my case i use DAZ To Unity Bridge and it requires that your Unity project is made as High Definition RP type.

So my question,  i don't even know what HIgh Definition RP type means. I'm just making it in that type but i'm not gonna use any fancy lights, i'm jut gonna use simple lights and the lights from Tenkoku. So will Tenkoku Dynamic Skies, latest version work in this type of Unity project of High Definition RP?     Thank you.   I was just going to do regular 3D type of Unity project but the tutorial for DAZ to unity bridge said we must make the project High Definition RP and i dont' even know what it means or what changes it will have? I'm just going to light my project simple nothting fancy so i don't even see what the difference wil be. Anyways again,  Will tenkoku work? thanks alot.

PS i update to the latest tenkou which is 1.2.2     Oh!!!
Right on the Unity page it says

Tenkoku is compatible with the Standard Unity rendering system.
Scriptable Render Pipeline support (HDRP / URP) is not currently available.

So does that mean, my games tenkoku won't work anymore?


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I don't think it will work, but you could always try it and see.  Unity is branching their rendering into three different paths at the moment and it's creating havoc for developers, as you can see in your own project.