Author Topic: How has EyeAdvanced Iimproved for use in Unity2019? Using forDAZStudio G2figures  (Read 53 times)


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Bought your product somewhere in 2016 or somewhere near there but i was sick all these years affter. I'm just getting a bit better so i will download unity 2019.4.1f LST soon.  And i was wondering what changes and improvements have you made to the Eye Advanced?  Is it now easier to put the eyes into DAZ figures. Before i used to use V4 and M4 as my main figures. now i use or plan to use G2female and male as my main figures . HOw easy or hard would it be to replace their eyes with the Eyes advanced?  And any tips on what settings to use on Eye Advanced to create most realistic eyes with reflections and stuff and that they look watery like real human eyes?


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I'm not familiar with how Daz does their character eye setups, but assuming the eyes are a separate object that is attached to an animation bone, then it's trivial to replace the Daz eye objects with EyeAdvanced prefabs once the character is brought into Unity.  Defult settings should give you a pretty good start as far as eye rendering is concerned but you can tweak the material settings from there.  EyeAdvanced works all the way up to the latest Unity versions so Unity 2019 should not be a problem.