Author Topic: What's new In Tenkoku Dynamic Sky in 2021 and How does it workk in Unity 2019?  (Read 11 times)


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Helo everybody and the author of Tenkoku :)

I want to say in case you may not remember me that i bought my tenkoku way back like 4 or 5 years ago something like that. I became sick so i haven't done Unity in so any years now. But i'm finally soon gonna install the new Unity and do gaming and Unity graphics and experimenting soon.

I remember Tenkoku Unity Skies was really cool like it could do Day night cycles, it had rain, it had stars etc.
But at that time when i first bought it i was also into VR(thus my user name ) and my experience with tenkoku wasn't that great because in VR tenkoku didn't look as good as without VR.   I'm no longer a VR user thank goodness. That was just giving me alot of sickmotion and i couldn't work comfortably with Unity.

Anywys what i want to know is What is new in Tenkoku Dynamic skies now VS Back 4 or 5 years ago when i first bought it?
and does it work well in Unity version 2019.4.1f LST?  (Tha'ts the Version i plan to download, I still don't even have Unity in my computer as i don't have internet in my own computer these days)

Also how does it look in terms of realism VS using other Unity 2019 things such a using HDRI Sky Boxe(From external websites such as    or basic non moving Skyboxes you would buy at the asset store? )

Thank you


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Yes Tenkoku is supported up tht ecurrent official Unity release, so Unity 2019 is not an issue.  Skyboxes will usually give you a better visual, particularly for cloud rendering, since they are produced with photographic methods from realworld skies, but they have the disadvantage of being completely static so there are tradeoffs in either direction.  If you need a dynamic system then skyboxes are not usually an option.