Author Topic: UPDATE 7/21/17 - Eye Advanced Version 1.0.8 Released  (Read 843 times)


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UPDATE 7/21/17 - Eye Advanced Version 1.0.8 Released
« on: October 18, 2017, 10:39:24 AM »
Hello All,

I'm happy to announce that Eye Advanced version 1.0.8 is now ready for download...

Download Here:

This update includes a few bug fixes and optimizations related to the specular rendering in the eyes.  I was notified of a pretty glaring issue where the specular would not render properly when the eye object was in certain rotations.  This has been fixed and one result of this bugfix are a few small optimizations in the shader code.  I've also rewritten the auto dilation script, and the scripts that drive the demo scene, in C#.

As always, let me know if you have problems/questions/feedback etc, either by email or on the forums!

All the best,
Justin Kellis
Tanuki Digital

RELEASE NOTES - Version 1.0.8
- Simplified some specular calculation code in shader.
- Fixed specular rendering error (failure to draw based on eye rotation).
- Clamped hot specular disc to prevent blowouts when using Bloom effects.
- Re-wrote auto-dilation script for C#.
- Re-write Demo components for C#.
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