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TENKOKU - Dynamic Sky / Re: SunShafts
« Last post by cyp_gam on May 20, 2019, 01:35:21 AM »
Right now, I'm unable to make a video, but I do have comparison screenshots. The problem is, the settings between two builds are the same but the results are not.

More to the point, in the screenshots, in the PS4 one, the entire area where the fog is visible flickers intensly whenever the player moves the camera.

(The first image is from PS4, second from PC)

TENKOKU - Dynamic Sky / Re: SunShafts
« Last post by Chingwa on May 17, 2019, 10:32:58 AM »
I have not seen this issue before, no.  Can you show me comparison screenshots (or even better, video) between the editor and PS4 build?  Does it look like the settings just need to be adjusted on PS4 or does it look like the effect is not rendering correctly?
TENKOKU - Dynamic Sky / SunShafts
« Last post by cyp_gam on May 17, 2019, 08:48:32 AM »

I'd like to ask for a bit of help. We're in a process of porting a game from PC to PS4 but have encountered a problem with Tenkoku Sunshaft effect.
The main problem is that this particular effect behaves differently within Unity editor and on the PS4 console - different behavior being color, intensity and flickering.
We're using Unity 2017.4.18f1 (version for PS4), Tenkoku version 1.1.4b.

Have you come across with a similar issue before?
SUIMONO 2.0 - Interactive Water System / Re: Modify overall scale of water fx?
« Last post by Chingwa on May 15, 2019, 05:00:50 PM »
Changing the "Wave Scale" setting is usually the way you would do this.  Is this not giving you the results you expect?
SUIMONO 2.0 - Interactive Water System / Modify overall scale of water fx?
« Last post by scottsummers on May 14, 2019, 08:14:14 AM »
Is there a way to modify the overall scale of effects on the water surface?

To get certain qualities of the water, I find myself having to create an additional camera just for the water, and moving it farther from the surface.  But that creates many other problems.

Thanks for the amazing Water system!
TENKOKU - Dynamic Sky / Re: Tenkoku Fog and Water
« Last post by Chingwa on May 13, 2019, 09:25:08 AM »
Hi Rostik1975,
Thanks for the example code.  Currently Tenkoku does not have fog code access such as you're showing in these examples.  However there is probably a similar solution that can be obtained, let me dig around a bit and I'll get back to you.
TENKOKU - Dynamic Sky / Tenkoku Fog and Water
« Last post by rostik1975 on May 11, 2019, 09:54:46 AM »
Could you please tell me how I can edit Tenkoku Fog shader or script so the water is displayed behind the fog?
I use Lux Water that supports both Enviro and AzureSky fog, and I got the following answer from their support:
"Tenkoku should ship with a fog function for transparent shaders like particles, glas or billboards.
if so you would have to call that function at the end of the water shader (core file) - just where it calls the other fog functions right now."

So in LuxWater shader I can see
Code: [Select]
// Fog Mode
#include "Includes/LuxWater_Setup.cginc"

Then in cginc file I set
Code: [Select]
//  Azure Fog ---------------------------
// #define FOG_AZUR
// #include "Assets/Azure[Sky] Dynamic Skybox/Shaders/Transparent/AzureFogCore.cginc"
//  Tenkoku Fog ---------------------------
#include "Assets/ --- *** "

*** - here I need to put the path to Tenkoku cginc Fog function.

Example - AzureSky uses the following function in AzureFogCore.cginc:
Code: [Select]
float4 ApplyAzureFog (float4 fragOutput, float3 worldPos)
float3 fogScatteringColor = 0;
float3 fogScatteringColor = AzureComputeFogScattering(worldPos);

// Calcule Standard Fog.
float depth = distance(_WorldSpaceCameraPos, worldPos);
float fog = smoothstep(-_Azure_FogBlend, 1.25, depth / _Azure_FogDistance) * _Azure_FogDensity;
float heightFogDistance = smoothstep(-_Azure_HeightFogBlend, 1.25, depth / _Azure_HeightFogDistance);

// Calcule Height Fog.
float3 worldSpaceDirection = mul((float3x3)_Azure_UpMatrix,;
float heightFog = saturate((worldSpaceDirection.y - _Azure_HeightFogStart) / (_Azure_HeightFogEnd + _Azure_HeightFogStart));
heightFog = 1.0 - heightFog;
heightFog *= heightFog;
heightFog *= heightFogDistance;
float fogFactor = saturate(fog + heightFog * _Azure_HeightFogDensity);

// Apply Fog.
fragOutput.a = lerp(fragOutput.a, 1.0, fogFactor);
fogScatteringColor = lerp(fragOutput.rgb, fogScatteringColor, fogFactor * lerp(fragOutput.a, 1.0, 2.0 - fogFactor));
return float4(fogScatteringColor, fragOutput.a);

it is called from LuxWaterCore.cginc:
Code: [Select]
#elif defined(FOG_AZUR)
            if (!backside){
                c = ApplyAzureFog( float4(c.rgb, 1), float4(i.grabUV.xy, surfaceEyeDepth, i.grabUV.w), worldPos);

I can add the condition for Tenkoku Fog too, but I can't see such cginc files in your system.
Could you help me please?
Thank you.
I'd like to have larger waves when there's a storm and such, and I was able to accomplish this by removing the limitation on large wave sizes. However, now the waves roll up over my terrain, especially where there are dips in the middle of the island. Is there a way I can setup a collier or something that dampens the waves?
This simply increases the maximum distance you can set the fog to, it doesn't affect how the fog is rendered.  The default fog setting should be the same.
How does the increased fog distance impact other things by the way?
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