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TENKOKU - Dynamic Sky / Re: SunShafts
« on: May 17, 2019, 10:32:58 AM »
I have not seen this issue before, no.  Can you show me comparison screenshots (or even better, video) between the editor and PS4 build?  Does it look like the settings just need to be adjusted on PS4 or does it look like the effect is not rendering correctly?

Changing the "Wave Scale" setting is usually the way you would do this.  Is this not giving you the results you expect?

TENKOKU - Dynamic Sky / Re: Tenkoku Fog and Water
« on: May 13, 2019, 09:25:08 AM »
Hi Rostik1975,
Thanks for the example code.  Currently Tenkoku does not have fog code access such as you're showing in these examples.  However there is probably a similar solution that can be obtained, let me dig around a bit and I'll get back to you.

This simply increases the maximum distance you can set the fog to, it doesn't affect how the fog is rendered.  The default fog setting should be the same.

Hello All,

I'm happy to announce that Suimono version 2.1.7 is now ready for download.

Note: This version has been tested with and should be working fine in all Unity version, including the latest Unity 2019.1.

RELEASE NOTES - Version 2.1.7
- Added slider to control strength of transition fx. (Module General Settings)

- Increased maximum underwater fog distance from 100 to 500.

- Fixed Unity 2018.3+ bug regarding prefab disconnection error message.
- Fixed bug with Preset UI expanding off of screen.
- Fixed possible nullRef error in object editor UI.
- Increased maximum depth testing from 5,000 to 30,000.
- Unchecking Set Automatic Layers now prevents automatic physics layer overrides.
- Fixed unintended name conflict in DistanceBlur shader.
- Fixed bug that force rendered caustics onto underwater surface.
- Fixed bug preventing foam from respecting surface specular settings.
- Fixed some rare SuimonoObjects and SuimonoModule null reference errors.
- Fixed issue preventing proper water transparency when caustics are disabled.

That is really really strange.  It seems the preset is there and the system can see it but it just isn't being rendered in the UI, thus you can't click on it :(  Can you tell me what version of Unity and Suimono you are using?  I'll do some tests and see if I can get tot he bottom of this.

To balance indoor/outdoor lighting differences you'll need to use hdr and tonemapping on your camera (as well as put your project into linear rendering mode).  The default tonemapper that is included in Unity's free Post Processing stack is what I recommend.  You also need to realize that outdoor lighting is almost always much much brighter than indoor lighting, and assuming you're looking for realistic results you'll need to use eye adaptation feature on the post processing stackl.  This will adjust the brightness of the screen brighter if you are looking at a darker indoor space, and will adjust the screen darker if you are looking at a bright outdoor space.  It isn't really possible to fully expose for both dark indoors and bright outdoors at the same time, which is where the eye adaptation comes in handy.

Using the eye adaptation feature is not intuitive at all.  You'll need to crank up the tenkoku sun brightness and sky brightness in order to get expected results.  I wrote a bit about using Eye Adaptation in this Unity forum post:

I don't talk at all about the "realtime" GI that the Spotlight link you shared discusses.  I've found the pre-computed "realtime" GI in Unity to be a rather worthless feature to be honest, it takes too much precomputation and is too fiddly to get reliable results.  Hopefully there will be an actual realtime GI solution in Unity someday.

TENKOKU - Dynamic Sky / Re: can i change skybox in lighting?
« on: April 09, 2019, 04:37:56 PM »
This is the skybox material/shader that Tenkoku uses.  Some of the settings you adjust in the Tenkoku object UI will change skybox settings.  What do you need to change in the skybox that makes you want to replace the material?

Hmmm.  I'm not sure why this is happening to you.  I assume there are no other presets with the same name already existing in that directory?  Are you using the default presets folder or a custom folder/directory?
I've had plans to move away from this preset system for a while... replacing it with an internal Unity data type (ScriptableObject), but I don't think this will make it into the 2.x version.

There is a function in Tenkoku that will send wind direction to Suimono, which can optionally then use it to adjust the wave direction.  But it does not afect the wave height.  This would need to be scripted custom on your end. You can look at the documentation pdf for code access to system variables...

The bright specular can be adjusted up or down using the "Hot specular" slider on the SuimonoSurface object, or you could reduce the bloom threshold on your post-processing effect.

Email has been sent.  8)

SUIMONO 2.0 - Interactive Water System / Re: Shadows on Water?
« on: March 19, 2019, 06:44:58 AM »
In order for a custom mesh to tessellate properly you'll need to make sure the mesh is subdivided in a fairly regular grid pattern.  The more rectangular the grid cells the more strange tessellation might look, so it's best to keep the subdivisions as square as possible.  Also the object mesh needs to be oriented in a Y-up orientation in your modelling software to match Unity's orientation.... so each vertice  will then understand that Y = up... this should then make displacement in the correct upward direction instead of sliding side to side.

SUIMONO 2.0 - Interactive Water System / Re: Shadows on Water?
« on: March 17, 2019, 01:49:21 AM »
I sent you an email regarding the disconnect error.

Suimono is not designed to use custom materials, it's intended that you'll use the material/shader that is included with the system.  If all you need is the vertex tessellation/displacement then you would need to edit the Suimono shader in order to keep those features.  Just using a normal standard shader material will not work.

I'm not sure why you would get a string of errors by using a shoreline object, though it might be related to the disconnect error preventing full system compilation.  I sent you a patch that should fix that issue.

As mentioned, shadows are not possible in this system as it currently stands, you would need to edit the shader in order to add them but of course as with many things in Unity this will come with a tradeoff (losing transparency for example).

SUIMONO 2.0 - Interactive Water System / Re: Shadows on Water?
« on: March 15, 2019, 07:38:07 AM »
Hi theonciest,

Suimono does not currently support shadow rendering, though this is a feature I'm investigating for future versions.

For the shoreline you need to add a shoreline object to your scene (from the prefabs folder) then scale it to fit around what areas you want to generate shoreline effects.  You do need to be mindful of resolution, so if you want to generate shoreline for a large area its a better idea to arrange multiple shoreline objects with small overlap rather than one huge object.  You can see the shorelineobject setup in the demo scene as an example.

TENKOKU - Dynamic Sky / Re: Changing sky color
« on: March 14, 2019, 05:01:00 PM »
If you're using the elek atmospheric mode (which I assume you are, since it's the default) a number of the gradients don't make any adjustments in the sky.  In Elek the sky scattering is handled via an algorithm.  The other tinting settings (like 'sky tint') should allow you to adjust the sky colors on an overall basis.

Hovering next to the gradient near the asterisk will show you tips on which gradients are ignored in Elek mode.

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