Suimono Version 2.0 brings advanced ocean and interactive water effects to the Unity Game Engine. Suimono gives you unprecedented control over all aspects of water generation.
Tenkoku - Dynamic Sky brings completely dynamic and high-fidelity sky rendering to Unity developers, including a full day-night cycle, weather, and realistic positioning and astronomic rendering.
EyeAdvanced is a realistic eye shader that brings brings advanced eye rendering effects to Unity. includes 12 texture options with advanced specular, parallax effects, dilation, and physically-based shading algorithms.
QuickCloth is system for quickly generating and editing cloth weights for any Unity gameobject with a SkinnedMeshRenderer component. Generate and edit cloth by painting directly on a texture.

More info coming soon...
Camposer brings size-independant screenshot generation and composition tools to Untiy. Set up your shot independant of your scene camera, and save out images at practically any size.

More info coming soon...